Our Expertise

Our expertise and capabilities through the experience gained all these years from the members of ANEMOS ANANEOSIS / Wind of Renewal is listed below:

  • Participatory formulation of the strategy and the action plan in sectors that are related to environmental – social – economical sustainability
  • Enhancement of the environmental, social, technological, and economical innovation from research and R/D institutes, the society and the economy for the society interest
  • Exchange of Knowledge, good practices and experience concerning “Local Sustainable Development” in urban and rural areas
  • Networking and cooperation among organizations in local, regional, national and European level aiming at the environmental, social and economical sustainability
  • Consulting services and transfer of know-how for a greener economy, environmental protection and creation of “green” jobs in local level
  • Assessment and support in Social Entrepreneurship models targeting at the enhancement of social economy networks in local, regional and European level
  • Collaboration with social, business, local and regional stakeholders, chambers for the submission and implementation of proposals/programs (European, National, Regional) in sectors such as Environmental Protection, circular – green economy, local sustainability based on a strategic planning
  • Training and skills empowerment of public stakeholders, market representatives and social – commercial representatives on sustainable regional development, green economy, social entrepreneurship, environmental – social innovation, Sustainable Public Procurement, environmental management


Our Services

We provide services at the following thematic sectors:

Regional / Local Sustainability

“Wind of Renewal” provides services to the public, private sector, authorities, social enterprises, networks and other relevant stakeholders in the following fields of interest

  • strengthening ecological, social and financial sustainability of economy
  • rehabilitation of the physical environment,
  • brownfield redevelopment,
  • preservation and development of natural and cultural heritage
  • promotion of green and social entrepreneurship, local employment and community development, and the provision of services to the population taking account of changing demographic structures.
  • Local sustainability plans
  • Sustainable Urban Development Plans
  • Eco-, social-sustainable Development of island, mountainous and rural areas
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans


Community Led Local Sustainable Development / participatory planning

In this context, we provide our services at local and regional stakeholders for the development and implementation of participatory methodologies, planning and implementation based on visioning and CLLD schemes and model for developing Green, Cohesion and inclusion strategies, policies and measures.

Our main interests: 

  • Urban regeneration towards ecological and social direction, green infrastructure, nature based solutions
  • climate protection and adaptation
  • Green jobs
  • social and ecological innovation
  • Social Entrepreneurship, social economy
  • Social inclusion for refugees, migrants, vulnerable groups
  • Sustainable public procurements
  • Green economy, industrial ecology, green chemistry, green-blue economy, green/bio economy
  • Energy saving and transition to 100% renewable energy
  • Promotion of energy school cooperatives
  • Low energy consumption or zero-emission ships
  • Sustainable mobility plans
  • New tourism models which combine sustainable economic activity with environmental protection and culture
  • Intercultural dialogue

Subsequently, “Wind of Renewal” is looking for synergies and collaborations in planning, drafting, coordination and implementation of projects on the above-mention key topics. Potential partners are Municipalities and Regions, as well as social, economic, professional, environmental and scientific stakeholders.


Smart Specialisation in Regions

Smart specialisation is a new innovation policy concept designed to promote the efficient and effective use of public investment in research. Its goal is “to boost regional innovation in order to achieve economic growth and prosperity, by enabling regions to focus on their strengths”. It is not only about technology and research but also about public participation, social – ecological and financial innovation, priorities and institutional changes. “Wind of Renewal” is seeking for collaborations among the universities and the research institutes with the social and professional unions and organizations focusing especially at the younger generations that currently starting their professional career.


Social Entrepreneurship Forum

The Social Entrepreneurship Forum is jointly organized in November by “Wind of Renewal” (Anemos Ananeosis) – Social Cooperative Enterprise, 180 Moires Social Cooperative Enterprise, BENISI – Scaling Social Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship Supporting Network (SES Net), Heinrich Böll Foundation in Greece, Impact Hub Athens and other organisations and networks. The Forum aims to provide information, spread good practices and business models from Greece and abroad, promote collaboration and networking of entrepreneurial initiatives and cooperative enterprises, as well as to develop institutional and practical tools for their founding, financing and sustainable operation in Greece.


Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship development models

  • Modern social – cooperative businesses and ecosystems for developing social economy businesses
  • Social /community health models
  • Consumers – Producers networking activities
  • Labor cooperatives for the reestablishment of industries – crafts in economic crisis
  • Establishment of cooperative schemes among SMEs and Social Economy Businesses



  • Eco-innovation
  • Social Innovation
  • Financial Innovation and new organization models and business administration


Green – Circular Economy

“Wind of Renewal” is currently looking for collaborations with stakeholders from the public and private sector focusing in the industrial /SMEs and social enterprises’ sector in regards with the following topics:

  • Conversion of industrial and economic sectors
  • Conversion of industrial areas that are currently facing crisis problems into a new “greener” model of multi – functional economy
  • “Green” Businesses
  • Industrial “ecology”
  • “Green” Jobs
  • Ecological Regeneration of Neighborhoods and Cities
  • Low or zero consumption “Green” ships


Energy transition

  • Development, assessment and implementation of actions regarding the progressive energy transformation of the cities towards Renewable Energy Sources (RES).
  • Drafting and submission of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan as long as the day to day support to stakeholders regarding sustainable energy actions and policies.
  • Promotion of the local communities’ role to RES, establishment of Energy Cooperatives and “Energy Neighbourhoods” and “Energy School Cooperatives”.
  • The pilot implementation of energy cooperatives at schools with the participation of teachers, students, parents and the surrounding neighborhoods has several benefits for students, schools, neighborhoods, the environment and the society. The proposed service “Promotion of Energy cooperatives at schools” provides the planning, development and implementation of an energy and environmental upgrade of the schools throughout Energy Efficiency, the use of Renewable Energy Sources (photovoltaics, wind turbines, low enthalpy geothermal systems, bio-fuels from cooking oil residues, etc).

green energy

Climate Change

Adapting to climate change is necessary to strengthen the resilience of our social and economic systems to the negative impacts of a changing climate.

  • Visibility and communication on cities’ commitment to adaptation
  • Practical support in the form of a helpdesk for operational questions, information and engagement with the initiative,
  • Knowledge support through guidance materials and tools for cities
  • Synergies with the Covenant of Mayors and other relevant initiatives.

“Wind of Renewal” provides services throughout the sign up process to the implementation and submission of the comprehensive local adaptation strategy.


Energy Cooperatives – Community Power

“Wind of Renewal” is supporting the development of local energy co-operatives, the enhancement of the youth network “Sustainable Energy Youth Network” as well as the promotion of energy school co-operatives in cooperation with teachers, parents, pupils and local communities. Wind of Renewal supports the development of RESCoop.eu network in Greece and all over Europe.

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Sustainable Environmental Management

  • Promotion of “Zero” Waste strategy
  • New sustainable models for tourism combined with sustainable economic development and the protection of the natural and cultural environment



  • Promotion of culture as social cohesion and job creation tool.
  • Intercultural dialogue


Sustainable Public Procurement

Green Public Procurement (GPP) and Sustainable Public Procurement

Our services include the organisation of training seminars to public relevant to public procurement stakeholders as long as the organisation of dissemination activities in the framework of the Procura+ Greece network.


Networking and exploitation of funding opportunities in Greece

Wind of Renewal and Heinrich Böll Foundation Greece organise common actions in the context of the “Greening the Regional Development” project in cooperation with the Greek Green Cities Network. These activities are listed blow:

  • Research on the funding opportunities by the 5 European Structural and Investment Funds, as well as by the 13 Regional Operational Programmes in the context of the “Partnership Agreement/National Strategic Reference Network” 2014-2020, mainly on green economy, climate change adaptation, energy efficiency and social entrepreneurship issues
  • Presentation of good practices and models on green economic activities form several areas and countries that can be transferred and adapted to the regional and local context.
  • Networking and collaboration with social, professional and regional stakeholders, as well as with local authorities for the implementation of plans of ecological and social innovation either through the Regional Operational Programmes 2014-2020 or European programmes. In this context, the cooperation with the Green Cities Network is a matter of great importance.
  • Organization of seminars which aim to the training and the strengthening of civil society and local authorities on:
    • Planning, drafting, coordination and implementation of projects on eco- and social sustainable regional development with emphasis on green economy
    • Planning, drafting, coordination and implementation of projects on energy transition and climate change adaptation (climate change adaptation measures, Mayor’s adapt, etc).

Target audience: social, economic, professional stakeholders, environmental NGOs, political and administrative staff of Municipalities and Regions.