Wind of Renewal and Sifnos participants of the GRAPE project– Social economy and green transition

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GRAPE – Local Social Green Resilience Action Plans for small and peripheral territories

“GRAPE – Local Social Green Resilience Action Plans for small and peripheral territories” is a european project co-financed by the EU Commission under the SMP-COSME-2021-RESILIENCE-SEM Call (Grant Agreement n. 101074093).


The project aims at experimenting the co-construction of local plans for the green, social and digital transitions in four small and marginalised territories engaging social economy actors. Thanks to the lessons learnt, a tool will be designed, that could then be used also by other municipalities willing to follow the same path.


Effective resilience to climate change, pandemic, economic and social crisis is inherently local.

In the EU there are some 121 000 small municipalities (EUROSTAT, LAU2) often located in deprived area, with low budget capacities and far away from mainstream public development policies.

Here, often Social and Solidarity-based economy (SSE) actors and local community initiatives have a primary role in creating and managing economic and social activities and services, as the for-profit economy has left these areas to localise in more profitable ones or abroad.

Social and Solidarity-based Economy and local communities may therefore contribute to the territorial resilience through the experimentation of innovative solidarity-based solutions encouraging local stakeholders to cooperate and use their resources to tackle local challenges. Local resilience and local stakeholders’ participation are the key concepts of this project, willing to drive and boost environmental, energy, digital, social, and economic transitions of local communities in an ambitious, systemic and solidarity-based way, developing local solutions to local needs.


Smaller territories are a perfect laboratory to showcase in a reasonable time frame the impacts of such experimentation, at the same time contamination of good practices is easier at such a scale. Consequently, the project consortium is composed of 4 small complementary territories in 3 countries: Mirabella Imbaccari (IT), Malegno (IT), Bonares (ES), Sifnos (GR), together with an experienced European public authorities’ and SSE actors’ network (REVES) and a regional cooperative network (FAECTA).

For each territory, in addition to the respective municipalities, an SSE organisation has been involved: Fondazione di Comunità di Messina (leader partner) in Mirabella Imbaccari, Sol.Co. Camunia in Malegno, COOPINTE in Bonares and Wind Of Renewal in Sifnos.


The project will organise exchange missions and prepare 4 local action plans for a social green and digital transition.

The project is structured in three different phases: in the first phase, 3 Social Economy missions (SEM) will be organised in Mirabella Imbaccari, Sifnos and Bonares, hosting each time the representatives of all partners. The consortium will use peer learning methodology and case study methodology to lay the foundations for the cooperation between partners and territories.

The second phase, then, will involve all partners to build local social green resilience action plan in the 4 target territories, taking advantage of the inputs developed during the SEMs.

The third phase of the project is the co-construction of a European digital toolkit for small municipalities interested in the cooperation with social economy actors to develop together participatory local action plans for social, green and digital transition to boost territorial resilience.

Finally, a policy paper with recommendation will be issued to support small territories in drafting local resilience plans, learning from the experience of the GRAPE project.


We support Ukrainian women and children refugees in Greece – Crowdfunding campaign -Learn what we are doing, how you can support

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We stand with Ukraine and we support the Ukrainian women and children refugees in Greece. As the terrible war in Ukraine continues, there are millions of innocent people fleeing the violence with no place to go. It’s truly unimaginable. We can help. We can at least support the Ukrainian refugees in our countries, especially the women and children.

What we are doing for/with the Ukrainian women and children

  •  The social cooperative Anemos Ananeosis / Wind of Renewal @WindRenewal and its innovative and inclusive Welcommon Hostel @WelcommonHostel work together with the Ukrainian Women in Greece @UkrainianWomeninGreece (УкраїнкивГреції) to support the women and children from Ukraine who arrived as refugees in Greece due to Putin’s invasion and the war in their country, with language classes, painting, theater, dancing and other creative activities. All the activities are implemented, free of cost and without any grant, thanks to the collaboration between Ukrainian women and Wind of Renewal’s young enthusiastic volunteers from all over the world (we have hosted more than 360 volunteers in the Welcommon Hostel since September 2016).
  • The two associations,  Anemos Ananeosis / Wind of Renewal and the Ukrainian Women in Greece are preparing a trip of the choir Gaudeamus and the Chamber girls’ choir of the KDML named after M.V. Lysenko 32 young people from Kyin/ Kiev to Athens. We have invited the choirs to participate in musical events of solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine. The trip will also be an opportunity for young people to stay 10-15 days away from the war that is destroying so many lives in Ukraine and killing innocent people.
  • Anemos Ananeosis / Wind of Renewal also offered to the Ukrainian Women in Greece – free of cost- place in the  Welcommon Hostel in order to be able to support the Ukrainian refugees in Greece.
  • In the Welcommon Hostel in Athens, we offer refugees a place to stay at a significantly reduced rate, if they have no alternative for housing

About the choirs

The Gaudeamus Chamber Choir of P.I. Tchaikovsky BFR NMAU is a famous one:

Art directors – Yulia Puchko-Kolesnyk and Ruben Tolmachov
Choirmasters – Vera Shemchuk and Vlad Tarakhan
Choir participants are high school students, graduates of M.V. Lysenko KDML and students of P.I.
Tchaikovsky State University.

The collective is a multiple laureate and winner of All-Ukrainian and International competitions.

The Chamber girls’ choir of the KDML named after M.V. Lysenko

Artistic director and conductor – Yulia Puchko-Kolesnyk

Choirmaster – Vira Shemchuk

It is a unique collective that unites the most talented voices from all over Ukraine. 32 sing in the choir girls aged 12-18 studying at the Kyiv state school Lysenko Music Lyceum. The choir has a long history and is unique traditions Under the leadership of Yulia Puchko-Kolesnyk, the well-known talented conductor, the choir reached the international level of performing arts, became the best girls choir of Ukraine and one of the best choirs in the world.

In the last 10 years, the choir participated in the most important European and domestic official events, won the highest awards at more than 20 international events choir competitions in 10 countries of the world and actively performs at the biggest stages of Europe.

If you would like to support the trip of the Ukrainian young persons to Athens, please donate to (don’t forget to add – Supporting a visit of young Ukrainian people to Athens)

Anemos Ananeosis / Wind of Renewal

(Cooperative) Bank of Karditsa

ΙΒΑΝ GR 7608900100003010003.54020

Swift Code STKAGRA1


Anemos Ananeosis / Wind of Renewal

Pireaus Bank

IBAN: GR83 0172 0180 0050 1807 7868 253

Piraeus’s BIC code is PIRBGRAA

Send us your details to ( in order to be able to issue the receipt for your donation

Contact us:


More about the choirs:

Lessons and creative activities in Welcommon Hostel for / with Ukrainian Women and children, refugees in Greece


















































Painting – solidarity activity to Ukrainian people at the entrance of the Welcommon Hostel by other young refugees

















#StandWithUkraine #stopPutinWar

#solidarity #stopwarcrimes

Paula, volunteer: Welcommon Hostel is a really nice place where you can create a big and beautiful community

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I am Paula Galván

My experience as a volunteer with Anemos Ananeosis / Wind of Renewal in Welcommon Hostel was very rewarding. Just before coming to Athens, I finished my studies in the social field, and working on this project gave me a lot of new perspectives on a collective which I didn’t work before.

I could learn a lot about cultures from different countries, and about the migrant situation in Greece; especially in Athens. Also, I could meet lots of new people from countries around the world who became friends, and with whom we could share acknowledgement about the current situation.

If I talk about the hostel,  I could say it is a really nice place where you can create a big and beautiful community with the families and the young people living there. I stayed there for five months (November to march), and we were a group of nine volunteers at the same time.

We created a nice atmosphere with every person in the place; organizing language and art classes and also extra activities during the weekends and for the festivity dates.

I enjoyed my time in the project, because It changed my mind completely, giving me new principles and consciousness. As well, I can say that this experience taught me new professional and personal skills that I’ll use in my future jobs in the social field, like communication, collaboration, adaptability, teamwork and creativity among others.