Social Entrepreneurship Forum 2016, Athens 25-27 November

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Following the Social Entrepreneurship Forum (SEF) 2014 and 2015, the SEF 2016 will take place on 25 – 27 November in Athens.

The SEF is an open platform for the promotion of social entrepreneurship based on shared values, principles and features. The main purpose of the SEF is to stimulate the dialogue among social economy enterprises, stakeholders and support organizations, to boost efficient networking and cooperation, to develop appropriate dedicated financial-economic tools, as well as to contribute in the self-organisation of the community. The Social Entrepreneurship Forum 2015 reached a Code of Conduct for Social Enterprises.

For 2016 the emphasis will be put on:

  • Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship in Greece – the next day
  • Building the ecosystem for social enterprises
  • Social impact
  • Creation of support organisations
  • Financial-economic tools
  • Networking of initiatives and social enterprises which are assuming an active role in tackling the refugee crisis

Social Entrepreneurship Forum 2016

Agricultural University of Athens & Impact Hub Athens

25-27 November 2016

Draft schedule

Friday 25/11/16 (Agricultural University of Athens)
16:30 – 17:00 Registration
17:00 – 17:30 Welcoming and Opening:

Yiorgos Alexopoulos, Senior Researcher Euricse – GECES

Yiorgos Papadoulis, Rector of Agricultural University of Athens (tbc)

17:30-20:00 Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship in Greece – future steps
17.30 – 17.45 Introductory speech by Vassilis Bellis, General Director of Development Agency of Karditsa (ANKA)



Discussion Panel

17:45 – 19:00


Developments and Perspectives of Social Economy – Policy, Legislation, Finance


Yiorgos Alexopoulos, Senior Researcher Euricse-GECES

Popi Sourmaidou, Social Cooperative Enterprises Network of Central Macedonia

Ourania Antonopoulou, Alternate Minister of Labour (tbc)
Representative of European Commission (tbc)
Riccardo Aguglia (EIF)
Representative of Region of Attica (tbc)
  Simel Esim, Head, Cooperatives Unit, International Labour Organization (ILO)
  Representative of REVES





Discussion Panel

19:00 – 20:30

The perspective of Social Economy under the prism of social economy actors


Vassilis Bellis, General Director of Development Agency of Karditsa (ANKA)

Olga Theodorikakou, KLIMAKA and Klimax Plus

Eleni Papatheodosiou, President of Social Cooperative Enterprises Network of Central Macedonia
Kostas Nikolaou, Representative of PROSKALO
Sotiris Koipidis, President of Panhellenic Federation of KOISPE
Representative of Cooperative Bank of Karditsa
  Dimitris Kokkinakis, Impact Hub Athens



Saturday 26/11/16 (Agricultural University of Athens and Impact Hub)
9:30 – 10:00 Registration (Agricultural University of Athens)
  Building the ecosystem of Social Enterprises
10:00 – 10:30 Documentary on the Social Economy Ecosystem; the example of Karditsa
10.30-10.40 Introductory speech by Nikos Chrysogelos, President of Wind of Renewal
10:40 – 13:00 Parallel Workshops
  1.         Internal operation – Code of Conduct – Social Impact

Moderators: Thanassis Belidis, Social Cooperative Enterprises Network of Central Macedonia

Stefanos Mitrikas, Social Cooperative Galinos

Konstantina  Zoehrer, GECES Member/ Researcher 180 Moires

  2.         Networking and Representation (Economic partnerships, networking and tools)

Moderators: Nikos Chrysogelos, President of Wind of Renewal, Kostas Nikolaou, Representative of PROSKALO, Vassilis Bellis, General Director of Development Agency of Karditsa (ANKA)

13:00 – 14:00 Light Lunch
14:00 – 16:00 Parallel Workshops
  3.         Supporting Organizations for the development of Social Entrepreneurship

Moderators: Vassilis Bellis, General Director of Development Agency of Karditsa (ANKA)

Popi Sourmaidou, Social Cooperative Enterprises Network of Central Macedonia)

  4.           Market creation and financial tools for social enterprises (proposals for the improvement / creation of financial tools)

Moderators: Yiorgos Alexopoulos, Senior Researcher Euricse – GECES, Konstantina  Zoehrer, GECES Member/ Researcher 180 Moires

16:30 – 17:00 Break
17:00 – 18:30 Presentation of the results and discussion on the future steps of the Social Entrepreneurship Forum
19:30 – FUCK UP NIGHT! Learning from our failure @ Impact Hub
 Sunday 27/11/16 (Impact Hub Athens)
9:30-10:00 Registration
10:00 – 11.30





Social entrepreneurship and inclusion of refugees

Brief presentations

·      Nikos Chrysogelos, Wind of Renewal

·      Jan Olsson, European Network of Cities and Regions for Social Economy (REVES)

·      Simel Esim, Inernational Labour Organisation (ILO)

·      Representative of the European confederation of industrial and service cooperatives (CECOP ) (tbc)

·      Representative of UNHCR (tbc)

World Cafe

Networking of initiatives and social enterprises from Greece and abroad which deal with various aspects of the refugee issue, with the participation of:

–       WELCOMMON: housing and social inclusion project for refugees

–       Solidarity Salt, Vivian Karavia and Elissabeth Koulouri

–       Athens Development and Destination Management Agency

–       Social Cooperative Enterprises Network of Central Macedonia, Eleni Papatheodosiou

–       ILO Refuggee response work in Turkey

–       PRAKSIS (tbc)

–       METADRASI (tbc)

–       ANTIGONE / OIKOPOLIS (tbc)

–       The Elpída Home for Refugees (tbc)

Μoderators: Nikos Chrysogelos, Wind of Renewal

Sofia Lamprou, Impact Hub Athens


Conclusions – Recommendations – Next Steps of Social Entrepreneurship Forum

15.00-16.00 Optional site visit: WELCOMMON housing and social inclusion project for refugees

WELCOMMON, a model center for housing and social inclusion

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WELCOMMON is a model center for housing and promoting the social inclusion of refugees and vulnerable groups, combining hospitality with multifaceted activities of social integration. It is located at 4 Kapodistriou St., in the Athens neighborhood of Exarhia, and is a cooperative scheme between the social enterprise Wind of Renewal (“Anemos Ananeosis”) and the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (EATA), in the framework of the relocation program of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

The WELCOMMON building was overhauled in August and September 2016 and welcomed its first guests in October 2016. It will host about 150 refugees until the end of 2016, while the number will rise to 250 as of 2017.

WELCOMMON’s final shape is the product of an initiative by Wind of Renewal/ Anemos Ananeosis, with contributions by the Greek Forum of Immigrants, the Greek Forum of Refugees, ANASA cultural center and the communities of immigrants and refugees. It combines social innovation with experience gained from different models and good paradigms –particularly in the areas of local government, social entrepreneurship and civil society, as well as with the direct experience possessed by the other three organizations, which originate in and constitute part of the refugee and immigrant communities.

WELCOMMON’s goal is the provision of shelter to and the social inclusion of refugees, in close collaboration with the local community. It is a facility designed not just for the refugees, but meant to function with the refugees, and with benefits accruing to the local community.

The building housing WELCOMMON (a former clinic) is in the center of Athens, is accessible by urban transport and meets all the appropriate specifications for the safe accommodation of guests (fire extinguishing systems, safe balconies and staircase, accessibility for handicapped individuals, 24-hour entrance security e.a.).

Guests are selected by the UN High Commission for Refugees, in the framework of its relocation program and with priority given to vulnerable groups, such as pregnant women, families with children, the elderly etc.

WELCOMMON is presently in a position to offer:

  • Accomodation for 150-200 refugees for a maximum of 6 months, in 66 rooms and additional facilities for gatherings, tutorials, artistic activities etc.
  • Cover for basic needs: Food, in line with the guests’ nutritional requirements and habits (e.g., age, state of health, religion), clothing.
  • Social-Psychosocial support is provided by 3 social workers and 1 psychologist.
  • Primary health care by a nurse, with respect for the cultural and religious sensitivities of the refugees. We are in the process of setting up a network of Arabic-speaking volunteer doctors of various specializations.
  • Legal services for guests applying for asylum and persons needing international protection, in the framework of the asylum-processing procedures.
  • Social integration, through cooperation with organizations and services based in Greece and the relocation countries.
  • Non-formal education / creative activities for adults and children: language, music and painting classes etc.

In the near future WELCOMMON aims:

  • To offer opportunities for employment, by tapping the skills and aptitudes of the guests, through their participation in the running of the organization and in collaboration with other organizations and agencies.
  • To create a data base with the curricula vitae of refugees –both inside and outside- the facility so as to facilitate their employment in businesses seeking specific qualifications and skills.
  • To set up social enterprises with the participation of Greeks and refugees/ immigrants, in the following areas:

– Repair and reuse of clothing and footwear -which will create jobs for both refugees and the local population- and sale of clothing at reasonable prices.

-Renting of various products, such as baby items (cots, cradles and carriers), items for handicapped people, special equipment for the chronically ill (oxygen apparatuses, special beds, wheelchairs etc.) at reasonable rates.

-Multiethnic restaurant or/and grocery store.

WELCOMMON presently employs 28 professionals in the following areas:

Administration / Management / Secretarial support


Interpretation / cultural mediation


Social and psychosocial support

Legal aid

Primary health care

Building maintenance

Human resources

WELCOMMON’s operation is supported by volunteers from various countries (Greece, Germany, Spain, France, Ukraine, Egypt e.a.) that belong to two categories:

– Trainees or apprentices (practical training in vocations related to task in hand or academic research) – Solidarity volunteers with various skills (language teaching, child management, do-it-yourself, music, dance, painting).

You can support us:

Pireaus Bank: GR8301720180005018077868253, Eurobank: GR7202602440000180200876471

Anemos Ananeosis / Wind of Renewal4 Kapodistriou St., 10682 Athens,  tel.: 2103810646,,

How you could contribute to WELCOMMON project

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WELCOMMON – the community and hosting center for refugees – is a cooperation between ANEMOS ANANEOSIS/WIND OF RENEWAL (social cooperative) and Athens Development and Destination Management Agency of Municipality of Athens, in the framework of the UNHCR’s relocation project.


It is based on the initiative of ANEMOS ANANEOSIS / Wind of Renewal social cooperative, and the cooperation with 3 other organisations:

  • Greek Forum of Refugees,
  • Greek Forum of Migrants
  • ANASA Cultural Centre, and the communities of refugees and migrants.


Seeking to offer proper accommodation but also much more Key aims: Social inclusion, empowerment and integration of refugees, cooperation with the local community. Not only for the refugees, but also, with the participation of the refugees themselves (in common). It is a win – win and integrated solution for the benefit of both the local population and the refugees


Let us inform you about the progress in the WELCOMMON project and how you could contribute in the facilitation of its implementation.

Project progress

The project has entered into the final phase of its preparation in order for WELCOMMON to be able to host 150-170 refugees.

WELCOMMON is housed in the Municipality of Athens. Its main features are:

–   Accommodation capacity of approximately 170 refugees.

–  More than 20 extra rooms for activities and workshops, training, painting, language lessons, meeting, offices and storage facilities.

–   Accessibility by public transportation.

The WELCOMMON project has been granted from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (ADDMA) of the City of Athens.


How an organisation could support WELCOMMON

Although basic needs of the project are covered by the funding of the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (ADDMA) / City of Athens and UNHCR, we are seeking cooperations with organizations and citizens initiatives who are willing to “invest” in a visionary and realistic effort for covering needs:

  • of the refugees, eg special food for children, clothes, shoes, washing machines, refrigerators-cookers, medicines, medical appliances for the social clinic etc
  • of the community and hosting center WELCOMMON (improvement of the infrastructure, safety measures, energy efficiency of the building,

List of material needed:

  1. Medical appliances
  2. Medicines
  3. Washing machines
  4. Dryers
  5. Composting system for 100 kilos per day (1 piece)
  6. Refrigerators (12 pieces)
  7. Small cooking kitchen (12 pieces)
  8. Bed-side tables for rooms (60 pieces)
  9. Sofas
  10. Trash bins (big, small and for toilet)
  11. PC for meeting points and lessons
  12. Energy transition from oil to natural gas, energy efficiency of the heating/cooling system, led lighting and infrastructure for energy reduction in general
  13. Professional kitchen (infrastructure, items, )

Every contribution could be decisively. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you donate an amount we are committed to give you an invoice for the amount and to inform you how we have used the money. You could decide your self what you want to support from the whole package of need.

Thank you

Bank accounts of WIND of RENEWAL / ΑΝΕΜΟΣ ΑΝΑΝΕΩΣΗΣ for donations:

Pireaus Bank: GR8301720180005018077868253,  swift code PIRBGRAA

Eurobank: GR7202602440000180200876471, swift code ERBKGRAA

Contact details: and

Tel: 0030-2103810646, -2103803959

More info: