A series of public events on Green and Social Innovation and climate policies

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A series of public events (discussions, workshops, round tables) are organised by Anemos Ananeosis / Wind of Renewal (social cooperative) in cooperation with Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Office Thessaloniki, Greece on four thematic axes that contribute to an informed and visionary dialogue on social green innovation and climate policies and how best to integrate them in Greece with a view to transforming the current economic and social model. In addition, efforts will be made to provide space and opportunities for reflection on crucial issues in view of the European elections (end of May).

Changing the productive and economic model

  1. Circular / green economy the basis for a new productive – economic model for Greece and Europe

  2. Climate change, a challenge to change the economic – productive and consumer model and create new economic activities and new jobs

  3. Energy cooperatives, a tool for changing the energy model and promoting investment by citizens – European experience, good examples, new tools created at European level, producing energy in the city and the neighborhoods

  4. Social and solidarity economy and how it is understood in society and institutionally in Europe and the US

Science and technology

  1. From chemistry of hazardous materials and components and heavy industry, to green chemistry, green design and green products

  2. From gray to green infrastructure at the time of climate change

  3. Digital technology and economy – how they will work for the benefit of society, the environment and sustainable prosperity

A new social policy based on social and green innovation as well as social investment
1. The housing crisis, red loans and possible role / prospects of social housing – the European experience of housing and social housing

   2. Alternative financial tools to promote smaller or larger projects with a social impact and benefit.

    3. The crisis of health systems and the need for a holistic approach to health

    4. The social pillar and European integration in the era of nationalism and inequality

    5. How will social security and protection systems be in the future?

The future of cities in times of climate change, risk and mass movement of populations

     1. How does climate change happen in the city? What changes are required for cities to be resilient?

    2. How are cities shaped by new models in tourism, such as AirBnB and mass tourism? Are there other tourism models? Can there be phenomena that exclude citizens from their city?

    3. What models of housing and social inclusion of vulnerable groups can empower the neighborhoods and the cohesion of the city?

    4. How will policy on energy poverty be based on social and green innovation?

The events are realized on a weekly basis, starting February until the end of June at the premises of the Welcommon Hostel, run by the Wind of Renewal.

The hostel itself is a demonstration of green social innovation that started its life in September 2016, as an innovative center for hosting and supporting the social inclusion of refugees that has been awarded for its community model approach for the protection and inclusion of refugees, migrants and Greeks. In spring 2018 was refurbished and turned to an innovative hostel which combines models of sustainable tourism with social inclusion, green and social innovation, cultural and energy transition activities. 

Workshop: Social economy, social responsibility and social financing

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Anemos Ananeosis is organizing a workshop on “Social economy, social responsibility and social financing: good examples, obstacles, potential in Europe and the USA”, on Friday 8th of March, 17.00, in WELCOMMON HOSTEL, 4, Kapodistriou str, near Kaniggos sq:

Social responsibility and Vanderbilt University – Project Pyramid’s role in bringing students and social impact organizations together”, Tyler Skelton, MBA Class of 2019, Vanderbilt University

Project Pyramid matches groups of students with social enterprise partners around the world to work on meaningful projects. The class has just entered its 13th year and has sent more than 700 students to work with more than 50 partners in over 20 counties. Tyler Skelton is the Project Pyramid Board Chair for the Turner Family Center for Social Ventures, a Vanderbilt University student-led organization that aims to help students understand how market forces can help with poverty alleviation and other social issues. Tyler will have a quick talk about the Turner Family Center and Project Pyramid before opening up discussion

– “How to finance your social project in Germany: Lea-Sophie Müller-Praefcke, Anemos Ananeosis / Wind of Renewal’ s volunteer

In Germany there are lots of possibilities for financing a social project, but many projects do not know about this. So we will give some short ideas about the possibilities you have, either Crowdfunding and competition or sponsorships from the state.

– “The Green Office Movement”: David Delto, Anemos Ananeosis / Wind of Renewal’ s volunteer

The Green Office Movement was established in the Maastricht University in 2010, now it spreads worldwide: the Green Office Movement-a sustainability office at the University, which coordinates sustainable projects, realizes green education, organizes events etc. The whole Green Office Movement is open-source, so every University has the freedom to form the role of the Office, as it needs to be. We will give you quick information about the idea of the Green Office and tell you about our experiences in trying to establish the Green Office in Frankfurt.

– “Rreuse, a European network of social enterprises for reuse, recycling and social inclusion”, Antigone Dalamanga, president of Rre-use

RREUSE represents social enterprises active in reuse, repair and recycling. Rreuse and its members want the EU and national governments to move from promoting just recycling and waste management to putting secondhand first. Rreuse members employ people at risk of socio-economic exclusion and help bring them back into work. In addition they bring products back to the market at affordable prices providing essential household items to low income groups. Approximately 140,000 workers, trainees and volunteers are engaged in the activities of its 26 members across 24 European countries and the USA.

– “European programs for financing social projects”, Nikos Papakostas, INTERALIA,

Designing a funding strategy for NGOs and social projects, European Funding Opportunities 2014 – 2020. Why you need a funding strategy, how you can start, Stakeholder Analysis, initiatives and practices for social innovation, sustainable solutions to youth unemployment

Nikos Chrysogelos, chair of Anemos Ananeosis / Wind of Renewal will coordinate the discussion

The discussion will be in English. Registration online is now open:

The workshop is part of a series of discussions and events titled “Green Social Innovation” organised by the social cooperative Anemos Ananeosis/ Wind of Renewal, with the support of Heinrich Boell Stiftung Greece

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Promoting climate protection, energy efficiency and energy transition

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Climate change is already a reality but we have to do our best for climate protection and energy transition. The social enterprise Wind of Renewal / Anemos Ananeosis (WoR) has a strong commitment to building a better world through social and green innovation, green and social economy and the cooperative business model. It was constituted in Greece in 2014 for the promotion of social cooperative and responsible economy, social entrepreneurship, green-circular economy, eco-social innovation, intercultural dialogue and the protection of environment.



We promote Energy Transition

Anemos Ananeosis / Wind of Renewal participates in two programs of European Climate Initiative and promotes

a) education and awareness of 200 teachers from 73 school from Athens and the participation of thousands of students in order to raise awareness about climate and reduction of energy consumption in schools @EUKI_Climate


b) The training of 11 Greek young people (at the same time  11 young people in Spain) is aimed to obtain professional qualifications for young people to promote the energy control in schools and other buildings to implement the innovative natural climate systems and practices that will transform schools into zero-emission buildings @EUKI_Climate


In collaboration with the partners of Graeducation program we have recently  trained, more than 100 teachers of primary schools and professors of the secondary education on renewable energy sources topics focus in vocational education of Green skills and professions field.

We want to make our innovative WELCOMMON HOSTEL, a new Hostel in Athens with social and green impact more energy efficient as well as a demonstration center for energy efficient systems, a zero emission building, a training center for energy transition and climate protection in collaboration with different organizations, research centers, energy cooperative, financial institutions. With the WELCOMMON HOSTEL we are combining two “different” aims: sustainable tourism, green and social innovation with green transition, social inclusion, art, intercultural dialogue.

We have so far invested more than 250.000 euro for the renovation, refurbishment based on reuse-upcycling and to acquire equipment for the hostel, but we must invest more resources for the decoration and the rest of the equipment, for energy efficient systems, and an infrastructure for a better environmental and energy performance


Anemos Ananeosis / Wind of Renewal is renting since August 2016 this building with about 3.200 square meter, which was until the end of the year 2013 a public clinic. We fully renovated the building already twice. Once at autumn 2016 to be for 1,5 years a model center for accommodation and integration of the most vulnerable refugees and then again to become an innovative, functional and esthetic Hostel with a social and green impact.

The whole renovation based on the idea and the awareness of re-use and up-cycling, not only to reduce renovation expenses but also for ecological issues. Beside the fact that we did relevant changes for the lightning, changing the old lamps with new LED lights, there are double windows and some insulation, we regulated the boiler, the temperature of the waste gases and other mechanical systems, to reduce energy waste. However, the building is old and remains energetically wasteful and ineffective. The result is negative both as for the climate and for the expenses of the heating, cooling and electricity.


For environmental and economic reasons we are immediately looking to modify the building to a zero emission building and to operate as a center of education and training in green issues and activities and also as a place to demonstrate energy efficient technology and present renewable energy sources in the city of Athens.


We are looking for donations and programs to support our plan and companies, which are willing to provide to WELCOMMON HOSTEL their technologies of energy reduction and renewable energy sources on buildings in order to be able to transform it into a zero emission building. In return, we demonstrate the technology to our guests and cooperation partners from all over the world, who visit us to see our work. Thousands of people and organizations, schools, students, businesses will have the opportunity to be introduced to these technologies and practices in an open center for demonstration.


Find resources to create the space for training and to create a spirited team and partners who will be able to use the organized energy experimental workshops which can take place at Welcommon Hostel and can also take place in the professional orientation of pupils, in order to familiarize the students or any interested parties in renewable energy sources, and energy efficiency.

Promoting of circular green economy

Under the concept  “Discussing and taking the initiative for the green/circular and social  economy and the innovation” we are organising a variety of workshops, public events and day workshops with the participation of universities, teachers social – vocational institutions, social – economy enterprises, social media such as:

  • Changing the productive and economical model: circular/green economy, climate change and energy transition, energy–efficient techniques, energy cooperatives, energy neighborhood, etc.
  • Science and technology. What are the changes and how do they affect the productive, economic and social model: green chemistry, green design, green products and green infrastructures for climate change, the digital technology and the economy for the society, the environment and the sustainability.
  • A new social policy based on social and green innovation and on social investments: the role of innovation and social economy against the housing crisis, red loans and the energy poverty, alternative finance tools to support smaller and bigger projects with social and ecological impacts, re
  • What is the future of the city in times of climate change, the risk and the mass movements of population? The climate change in the city and other changes are needed to make cities resilient.
  • How do new tourism models affect the cities (like Airbnb and mass tourism), which models for housing and social inclusion of vulnerable groups can strengthen the neighborhoods and the cohesion of the city? How will the energy poverty politics could support the social and green innovation?

The events will take place once a week, from beginning of February until the end of 2019, at WELCOMMON HOSTEL in cooperation with many institutions.

Summer School for energy transition

We are planning a Summer School for Energy Transition in collaboration with a number of organizations and universities. This will take place on the first week of July 2019 in Sifnos (Greek island), with 20 young people from Greece, Germany and Spain. We will discuss topics on energy savings in buildings, energy audits, natural air-conditioning systems, traditional and contemporary bioclimatic architecture, energy transition, zero emission buildings, energy cooperatives, etc.  The summer school will be combined with public events and a workshop for energy cooperatives.

If you want to collaborate with Anemos Ananeosis / Wind of Renewal, please contact us windofrenewal@gamil.com. We will be glad to find the way for a creative cooperation.

Best regards!

Nikos Chrysogelos






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