Wind of Renewal / ANEMOS ANANEOSIS: our goals

By March 28, 2016about us

Our goals are:

  • information, good practises exchange and initiatives for the promotion of green – circular economy
  • a deep analysis of strategies, policies and practices for a greener economy
  • enhance the exchange of knowledge, cooperation, self-organisation and networking among the social cooperatives (regardless their legal status) in a local, regional, national and European level and cooperation based on values, principles and common positions, a Code of Conduct for Social Enterprises
  • development of social cooperative structures, skills and capacities using the European experience, expertise, innovation and research
  • enhance the dialog among basic social partners, research centers, local communities for the development of the social, solidary and cooperative economy,
  • promote proper education schemes in order to enhance social cooperatives.

In order to achieve our goals, Anemos Ananeosis (Wind of Renewal) seeks for synergies and co-operations with a broad network of stakeholders that are active in a local, regional, national and European level.

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