School Energy Cooperatives

By February 20, 2015Actions

The Directorates of Primary and Secondary Education (Sector C) – Athens and the Directorates of Primary and Secondary Education – (Sector D Athens), in cooperation with the Social Cooperative “Wind of Renewal”, are going to co-organise a workshop on “Energy Cooperatives in Schools”. The workshop is going to be held on 24th of February 2015, 17.00-20.30, at 9th Secondary School of Aigaleo.

The workshop is aiming at the promotion of students’ awareness and information on environmental and energy issues, the energy upgrade of the schools, the creation of sustainable neighbourhoods, the better understanding of co-operation and synergies and the promotion of social and environmental innovation.

The goal of this project is not the creation of a single energy cooperative in a school but the launching and running of a network of energy school cooperatives with the participation of teachers, institutions, local authorities and environmental stakeholders for the promotion of energy efficiency and RES in schools.

The added value of this project is not just the educational training of the participants, but also the encouragement of the project partners to creative Working Group key topics such as energy efficiency, sustainable living, social entrepreneurship and social impact. The pilot implementation of energy cooperatives in schools with the participation of teachers, students, parents and citizens, has multiple benefits for the students, the school community, the neighbourhood, the environment and the whole society.

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