Eco-E.A.R.T.H. Project: a proposal for combining education and innovation in energy and environment

By May 18, 2020Actions

During our activities in the EUKI  YESClima project, we the students, teams from both Greece and Spain, have developed a proposal for a center, combining environmental education, innovative energy, gardening and plastic recycling, with the motive that all these functions together will have an ecological and environmental-friendly impact on the surrounding area. Therefore, we came up with the idea of Eco-E.A.R.T.H.=Ecological Educational And Recycling Training Hub

Our program consists of a circular, module, building that is divided in three categories:
– First , the Educational Building that consists of an auditorium, a library and a couple of conference rooms.
– Secondly, we propose a PlasticRecycling Unit, a collecting point of plastic products which then are recycled, in situ, in order to create new recycled items, ready to use.
Finally, we propose a third building which will house an open space meeting room and will be suitable for activities and workshops.

The whole complex of buildings will be surrounded by a zone of green space, that can function as a gardening spot and a natural habitat for biodiversity. In the center we place a kid’s playground since they will be our main target group and the people we are more interested in informing about environmental issues.

One of the main goal of this project is also to create a nearly Zero Energy Building. In order to do that we have implemented a number of systems and methods that can contribute to the energy audits of the building. The systems we propose are:

Smart Roofs : A combination of green roofs with solar or photovoltaic panels in order to insulate the building and produce energy, at the same time.
Green facades:can provide adequate shading to the exterior of the building, using deciduous plants and create a more friendly and natural environment for the children
Use of local, natural materials (for example straw, clay and wood) in the construction of the building: This way we lower the construction costs, we support the local economy and we produce a healthier, friendlier environment for the user.

Surrounding Gardens: plantations and vegetation with local plants will help at preserving the local fora of the region by creating a green oasis around the buildings and at the same time it is an effcient way to fght against the growing climate crisis.
Rainwater management : in combination with the green roofs we can harvest the rainwater and then reuse it to irrigate them as well as to use it as toilet water.

We will start with the design of Eco.E.A.R.T.H centers in the two regions in Greece and in Spain, where we are living.
Our central target is to spread more environmentally conscious practices, for every day activities, individually, as well as, to inform (mostly young) people but we also aim at a more holistic approach of the environment action, which includes creating spaces and buildings and eventually whole cities that have a minimum energy impact on our endangered planet EARTH.

YesClima team: D. Beleri , A. Strati, L. Thermos ( Greek team )
D.Rodríguez Benítez, I.Castañeda Lorenzo, P. García Rodríguez ( Spanish team )

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